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Our Vision

The vision of this facility is a prosperous Science and Technology led Ugandan society.


Welcome to Grants Management System

Our Mission

The mission is to build capacity in and mobilize the population to embrace STI so as to enhance economic transformation, prosperity, and human development by 2020.

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Scope of the Grants Facility

The facility supports several priority projects in the fields of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, Industry and Engineering, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Health and Nutrition, Information and Communications Technology on an annual basis. Applications are assessed on a competitive basis, to optimize the contribution made through Government investments in the national development goals.

The projects should have a clear indication of their contribution to (1) gross domestic product (GDP), (2) employment creation, (3) government revenue, (4) trade competitiveness, and (5) efficient service delivery. The facility supports activities on research efforts devoted to generating new knowledge and its translation into solutions in the S&T field as determined by a panel of technical experts in the specific field of interest.

A wide range of proposals that address the objectives outlined above are considered, based on selection criteria explained in the subsequent

section. Each grant proposal is assessed vigorously in order to attain value for money.